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What is Xenoware?

Xenoware is a solo software project headed by forum user Raion. It aims to offer a mix of retro and new IRIX packages for usage by IRIXNetwork users. It is distributed as "overlays" which have minimal flexibility for installation, this is designed to be closer to SGI's system upgrades, which weren't done piecemeal.

Incidentally, this means far easier building and packaging for users. The following specifications are at play:

GNU iconv over native iconv

NLS support is off except where necessary for build. In that case, gettext is internal to that.

GNU and GNOME utils, not core programs, go in /usr/gnu (/usr/gnu is an executable directory, /usr/share/gnu is where all of the other things go)

GTK1 is preferred over GTK2

Xlib over GTK1

FLTK over Xlib

Motif over FLTK

When possible, try to follow Nekoware conventions as closely as possible.

When possible, avoid duplication. This lessens the burden as much as possible for one person maintaining and testing all of this.

For downloads please click here.